Local Course Offering

To register for a Zoom Aacademy camp, please go to the City of Irvine's Community Services page for Camps. The following camps below are offered annually as Spring Break and Summer Day Camps. We also will announce on the website should any take place in other areas outside of Irvine such as through SVUSD (Saddleback Valley School District), in which case you would have to register at their respective sites.



Has your student expressed an interest in storytelling and needs some help refining their writing skills? Fear not as our writing workshop is for the aspiring author of any level! Students will acquire new skills when exploring different mediums such as journal entries and short stories as well as learn about the unique writing styles of various well-known authors. This class will help improve grammar skills, introduce new vocabulary terms and give students more confidence when sharing their stories with their peers. Come spin a tale with us! (Ages 9-14)



Want to learn how to create your own video game like the pros? Come learn all of the basics of programming and game design with us and make your very own interactive game you can show off to your friends! Students will become acquainted with the Game Maker software while making a top down game similar to Pacman.  You will learn how to create and design your own characters, sprints, mazes and much more! Students will then be able to take home their own games at the end of the course. So what are you waiting for, come get your game on with us! (Ages 8-14)  see some sample game designs



Can’t get enough of video games and want to learn more? Then come join us for this second installment of Video Game Design! Here, students will continue to learn basic programming skills with the Game Maker software to make a side scrolling game similar to Mario and be able to modify it with even better characters, functions and game environments. Plus there will be more instruction on creating newer features to further customize your game the way you want. Students will then be able to take their games home once the class is over! (Ages 8-14)



Ever wanted to know how a website is created? Here's your chance to find out how! Students will learn to create and publish their own web page with our interactive class open to every level of experience. Experiment with the basics of graphic design and learn how to create every aspect of your web page including: background, video files, photo gallery, tags and hyperlinks. Students will learn about HTML concepts with the Coffee Cup software and be able to eventually upload it on to the Internet! Come get techie with us! (Ages 9-14)



Want to get ahead of the race and do well in math? Discover how you can overcome challenging math problems in a nurturing environment that allows anyone to “go for the gold”! Students will be engaged in active problem solving lessons based on Common Core standards, and on the way further develop their logical and critical thinking skills.  Lessons will cover some basic concepts covered in the Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School (MOEMS) for those interested. Come ignite your passion for mathematics and become a “young math Olympian” with us! (Ages 8-11)



Power up with us! This team-oriented robotics class allows students to engage with computer programming in order to make robots come to life! The program is based on national science education standards and allows students to experience first-hand the world of competition robotics. Students will learn to use LEGO MINDSTORMS' competition NXT kits and programming language to work individually and in teams to create the coolest robot and program them to perform basic tasks around the classroom. Come spark your interest with robots, learn some cool skills and maybe you will be next year's champion! (Ages 8-14)


* Prices are subject to change and only reflect resident costs, out of district student costs will be different.